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What Is Health Care?

What Is Health Care

The purpose of health care is the maintenance and improvement of human health. It encompasses the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and care of illness and injury. It is provided by health professionals and allied health fields. For the most part, health care services are free. However, some conditions may require a …

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What Is Health Insurance?

What Is Health Insurance

Whether you are considering a PPO or an HMO, you will need to consider your medical needs. Many people find that they can’t afford the high cost of medical care. Indemnity plans allow you to pay your out-of-pocket costs, but preventive care such as annual physicals will be out of …

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What is Health Equity?

What is Health Equity

What is health equity? It is not the same as health equality. Inequity in health means that certain populations are treated differently than others. For example, some racial groups experience higher rates of disability, chronic illnesses, and mortality. This disparity is considered health inequity. Furthermore, it isn’t just race that …

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