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What Is Health Science Major?

What Is Health Science Major

A Health Science major is a great choice for students who want to make a difference in the community, both locally and globally. Students with this degree program have diverse academic interests and are committed to improving the health of humanity. These students have a strong passion for analyzing human …

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How Do I Get Health Insurance?

How Do I Get Health Insurance

If you don’t already have health insurance, check to see if you’re eligible for free government coverage. The government has a program called CHIP that provides health care for people who meet certain income requirements. If you are uninsured, you can sign up for Medicaid or CHIP. Otherwise, you’ll have …

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What is Coinsurance in Health Insurance?

What is Coinsurance in Health Insurance

You have probably heard about coinsurance in health insurance, but are unsure what it is. Essentially, coinsurance is the amount you have to pay out of your own pocket when you go to the doctor. It can be as low as $160, or it can be as high as $300 …

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